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ICON Multimedia, together with the integrator SICE, will carry out the modernization of the Digital Signage of the Port of Barcelona. In this context, the Port Authority of Barcelona awarded SICE the framework agreement for a period of two years, who will provide a large format digital displays for dynamic digital communication under DENEVA’s software.

The port’s communication plan includes to comprehensively handle the information for its users and staff. For its management, DENEVA.Transit solution is the perfect tool because of its architecture, scalability and ease integration.

SICE will install differents types of panels with DENEVA software, that will facilitate the mobility through the facilities of all travelers, users and visitors to the port, providing a top quality service. It will also offer its own internal communication channels, improving the corporate image of the Port of Barcelona, or even more, content from other sources such as Smart City of Barcelona or from third parties.

The solution will allow easy migration if its necessary to extend to another locations or ports. The aim is to carry out the replacement of all types of static signage by digital possibilities offered by DENEVA, software for multiple devices.

Prototype of the next DENEVA implementation

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