Albiral presents their displays monitors prepared for high-availability environments that will have the last version of DENEVA software installed. ICON Multimedia solution is widely deployed with a complete passenger information and digital signage system that manages equally railway, underground, airport, bus and port areas. DENEVA is implemented in all the high speed stations, main bus stations, underground and ports. Millions of users per day are informed of their travel routes with hundreds of displays connected to different Real Time Traffic Control Solutions and Installation Control solution provided by SCADA. All the displays controlled by DENEVA.transIT are completed with the new range of screens made by Albiral.

Albiral monitors have the last flat-screen technology available in the market and they are manufactured with fully professional components ready to be operational 24/7 in hostile environments. They provide strong and customized solutions supplemented by the quality and support offered for 20 years’ time in this sector by ALBIRAL DISPLAY SOLUTIONS. All these range of monitors are compatible and capable of managing multi language information through DENEVA.transIT, arabic is included.

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