Airport Virtual Assistant

The new Information Service for Passengers

The new Information Service for Passengers

An airport information system that constantly supports the passenger and solves the issues that happen during its passage through the airport grounds. For this purpose, it relies on people travelling and Points of Information distributed by the different terminals. The most demanded types of inquiry in this service are:

Flight Schedules

Boarding Gates Location

Other POIs Location

And it’s all about specific and closed issues, what invites you to think that in the majority of cases, it is not necessary a person for its resolution. For this reason ICON Multimedia, in collaboration with AERIAM, has developed a solution that optimizes the participation of individuals in the information service, through the use of an Airport Virtual Assistant (AVA).

Inform the Passenger in an Intuitive, Simple and Fast Way

AVA – Airport Virtual Assistant is a scheduled point of multimedia information to provide interesting information for passengers at the airport. To reach this goal, we have developed a custom, accessible system of information from computerized points (multimedia kiosks units), strategically scattered around the airport terminal with at least the following features:

  • Ergonomics of use for the vast majority of passengers.
  • Design and attractive appearance.
  • Possibility of adding special devices (camera, microphone, loudspeakers…).

AVA – Airport Virtual Assistant It is configured to make easier an intuitive, simple and fast use for the passenger, so the available information is easily identifiable and obtained directly.

The user gets the information through simple menus made up by direct links, suppressing virtual keyboards, making easier the access to information through tactile buttons. When you touch the screen, an attractive transition to the selection of the language appears, in which the passenger will communicate with the virtual assistant. Once the language has been selected, you will enter into the main menu of AVA – Airport Virtual Assistant, that will have access to the following options buttons:

  • Information about flights and schedules.
  • Boarding gates location.
  • Location of other points of interest.
  • Information about airport procedures.
  • Talk to the information service to the passenger.

Some of the companies that trust in our Airport Virtual Assistant