Leader comprehensive Platform Information System in Spain


ICON Multimedia, with over 15 years of experience in the Sector, is a leader in Passenger Information Systems, especially in the railway environment, being present in more than 70 terminals and more than 650 million users a year are informed in real time through DENEVA.transIT.


DENEVA.transIT is a comprehensive communication solution that brings in the same Web platform all the communication needs of a Terminal, from the display on screens or LED panels to PA multi-language touch Totems, Smartphones and Internet.


In intermodal terminals or embedded systems, from isolated systems to complex centralized networks, with access to information sources in real time, DENEVA.transIT fits to your real needs and can grow with you.

Do you need a Passenger Information System?

DENEVA.transIT is the leader comprehensive Platform Information System in Spain, and among its main references are:

  • 100% high speed railway stations in Spain.
  • The entire network of exchangers of buses of the community of Madrid.
  • Next generation airport solutions.
  • More than 100 facilities, including railway stations, buses, airports and subways.
  • More than 650 million passenger/year are reported with ICON Multimedia solutions.

DENEVA.transIT integrates in a single Web Advanced platform reporting on:

  • Screens, including multi-format and multi-resolution, with TV quality and helping to improve the perception of the passengers.
  • LED Panels, for tracks and halls.
  • Interactive POIs.
  • Information on Smartphones.
  • Internet Presence.

In addition, PIS DENEVA.transIT has a module of Public Address that allows the dissemination of background music, messages and advertising cuts, based both in Audio samples and voice synthesis.

Linkable to any solution of real-time traffic monitoring, DENEVA.transIT can operate a fully automated, and allows taking control to any incident. It is also scalable from a small halt to a complete urban transport network, and you can present advanced on-board information channels.

DENEVA.transIT allows you to know, every single time, what is being displayed on each device, the status of each of them, notices and messages, and incorporates all the advertising tools to get a ROI (return on investment). According to this, the new PIS become in an investment and not in an expense.

The DENEVA.transIT platform is a next-generation product, mature and stable, and, best of all, is already available.

Some of the companies that trust in DENEVA.transIT