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ICON Multimedia has translated and adapted its whole comprehensive communication system DENEVA.cuatro, currently available in several languages (English and portuguese/brazilian, out of some more), into Arabic language, on its guideline of growth to new markets.

DENEVA allows to show multimedia contents on displays, PA systems or mobile devices from a central spot to thousands of points worldwide located, being daily-used, as in DS market as at PIS solutions (at airports, high speed railway stations,…) and already available in Arabic.

Arabic is the eighth more spoken language in the world, with more than 280 million of inhabitants, and it’s the only official language in 20 countries and co-official in at least another six.

DENEVA.cuatro arabic version, admits its alphabet apart from right-to-left grapheme writing script. Translation has been done in collaboration with local Arabic partners.

Furthermore, Deneva adds full support for Hijri/Muslim Calendar, that considers its year 1 as the year 622 from the Christian era, -the year of the Hegira that indicates Mahoma’s moving and the emigration of muslims from La Meca to Medina-. Nowadays, we are in year 1435AH.

ICON Multimedia was awarded, at the end of 2013, with the Halal Digital Contents Creation Homologation, those that are compatible to the Sharia or Islamic Law, becoming the first European company homologated

According to Juan Carlos Martín’s opinion, ICON Multimedia Sales Manager:

The arabic world has a enormous potential that we have always considered really interesting, and because of that we’ve been doing steady steps in order to offer our solutions in these market in the best possible conditions. Those steps have been done in chronologic order: Halal homologation in first place. The searching of a robust local partner. And finally,  the translation of our CMS into arabic.This process is being already a success: several projects have started or are going to start in the next weeks.

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