ICON Multimedia has participated, last september, in a debate about Digital Signage organized by TAI Editorial. Together with other industry professionals, Juan Carlos Martín, Sales Director, has analyzed the consequences of Digital Signage boom in the market, prompted by the economic recovery, and a better knowledge of the possibilities offered in the sector.

In the technological evolution, the screens have more intelligence, and the integrated players have supposed a great advance. However, the great debate has focused on the transformation of the market after Android’s arrival, which has meant a competitive cost compared to other systems, and a rapid adaptation to customers projects.

Business experts are optimistic about the future of Digital Signage. They pointed out the importance of specialization as one of the economic growth in the future.

Download debate conclusions about Digital Signage here


Mesa de Debate sobre cartelería digital
Participants at Digital Signage debate: Philips, Admira, Icon Multimedia, Laforja Sistemas, Mediaup  and Telefónica OnThe Spot Services.

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