Madrid (09/16/2014) – NEC Display Solutions Ibérica, leading manufacturer of projectors, monitors and large displays, has presented his partner ICON Multimedia solution called DENEVA.cuatro, for its Digital Signage OPS player.

This multifunction device is aimed at customers that look for complete and secure solutions for Digital Signage. It is capable of playing HD content in 1080p thanks to its quad-core processor ARM® Cortex®-A7 and its integrated eight-core graphics processor. It is also possible to add storage through an SD card or USB memory – up to 128GB – and connectivity can be wired or wireless.

DENEVA.cuatro is ICON Multimedia´s CMS. This solution has been developed in order to take full advantage of the capabilities of Digital Signage OPS Player of NEC. This platform provides a latest generation multimedia experience that combines high-resolution video and sequences of images in a variety of formats. It also makes possible to carry out complex compositions of layers that can merge multiple resources freely.

This solution allows you to share updates from social networks because it is integrated with Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Flickr and Twitter, it also generates easily and immediately QR codes. In addition, it lets you watch videos in streaming, customize corporate channels, distribute information in ticker format extracted from RSS feeds and provide weather information in a visual and attractive way.

NEC Display Solutions and its player provide an exceptional platform for digital projects with a device that works 24/7.

To find out all the features offered by DENEVA.cuatro visit its website:

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A visual example can also be found in his Youtube channel:

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