For all industries, 2020 has been an unusual and very peculiar year. What began as a normal year was disrupted by the arrival of COVID-19. Despite this interruption, Digital Signage has continued to move forward, adapting to the imminent needs of customers. New business opportunities have arisen, such as the use of Digital Signage circuits to promote solutions such as capacity control in establishments, control of social distancing or the use of masks.

But what does 2021 hold in store for us? What are the trends that guarantee the development of the sector?

More advanced audience measurement solutions

Big Data is still the undisputed leader. During 2020, we have seen a development in audience measurement solutions, in order to adapt them to the new reality. Now, besides knowing the sex, age, or mood of the people in front of the displays, we can know the distance between them, or recognize the person, even if they are wearing a mask or not. Much more data that allows to segment the target audience and analyze them, which makes it possible to identify their preferences in order to adapt the informative and advertising contents to the different users.

The integration of audience measurement systems in Digital Signage solutions is essential to know the ROI of the campaigns, increase the profitability of the areas and improve the customer experience.

Mobile devices, key resources for Digital Signage content management

Aiming to avoid tactility, mobile devices represent a key resource to ensure engagement at the point of sale. Now, it is possible to turn the entire display network of a Digital Signage circuit of one or multiple establishments or a corporate environment into a real-time solution for tele-training, with just a few simple clicks through mobile devices.

Mirroring systems or the use of QR code enable the immediate access and management of the Digital Signage network contents through smartphones, ensuring the success of the sales by making them highly customized for each client.

Digital product catalogs

One of the trends in Digital Signage for 2021 that is already becoming a key sales factor for the retail sector are digital product catalogs.

In the face of COVID-19, the retail sector has sought new solutions to limit its spread and reduce customer contact with products. As a result, new solutions have been developed at the point of sale, allowing customers to select a product from an extensive digital catalog. Therefore, the establishment avoids displaying all the items, which are susceptible to being touched and infected by visitors to the establishment.

Through these digital catalogs, the customer is able to select an article, know other sizes, dimensions or existing colors, or know other possible combinations with other existing products in the establishment, promoting impulse buying, and then add the chosen item to the shopping cart and receive it at home or ready to pick up at the counter.

After each use, the screen of this information point can be easily cleaned and disinfected for the next use.

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