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We are ICON Multimedia


Your Digital Transformation ally to achieve your business goals

We are a leading company in Smart Digital Signage solutions that links business with their users thought innovative experiences.

Since 1993, our main goal is to help brands to impact and interact with different audiences to drive customer behaviour, boost engagement and increase profitability of their premises, leading simple, smart, intuitive, scalable and affordable solutions for digital transformation of physical spaces.

With headquarters in Palencia, Spain and branch offices in Mexico and Colombia, we are a software-first company, with our own in-house staff and helpdesk. We believe that customers’ needs turnkey solutions, because we know each of their project is different. For that reason, we are a non-stop company, always at your service, being able to adapt to your needs.

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With 30 years’ experience in the Digital Signage industry and Passenger Information System market, at ICON Multimedia we are always innovated. We are excited about new technologies and diving into the details of every project. Our extensive team of professionals, business development, technologists and marketing specialists enjoy the challenge of tackling projects of any size, scope or complexity.



We created digital experiences, developing a thought-out concept, creating and implementing a tailored solution suited for each customer needs. We are always looking for the most cost-effective strategy for them and the maximum benefit for each brand.


We work with an extensive network of excellent worldwide partners. Together we create a reference model to ensure the best possible quality service, reliability and innovation.



We place a huge emphasis on collaboration, diversity and respect, because we are fully aware this will impact positively and create efforts for quality improvement. Therefore, we are committed to contributing ongoing improvements that will make a real difference to our employees, stakeholders, customers and the environment.