ICON Multimedia and The Interior Ministry’s Secretary of State for Security have reached an agreement to use the DENEVA’s digital signage network to spread alerts of people who has disappeared. The aim of this initiative is to increase the number of messages displayed to reach a larger number of people who can provide clues. It will also sensitize awareness among the population regarding the events surrounding the disappearance of a person.

ICON Multimedia makes its Digital Signage software available to the usual searches carried out by the Spanish State Security Forces for the display of messages about disappearances. DENEVA has been recognized as an authorized content management platform for that use. For its development, the final customer’s agreement has to be a requirement, and it will be guaranteeing the compliance with data protection regulations at all times. In this way, the Spanish Ministry will be in charge of supplying the content related to the warning message, and determining the duration and area of diffusion depending on each case.

Currently, ICON Multimedia manages more than 40,000 active broadcasting points around the world through its DENEVA digital signage platform located in airports, railway and metro stations, buses, ports, petrol stations or shopping centres, among others. Places that acquire a special relevance in the search for people for their high rate of mobility within them. Those are essential in case of imminent danger for the person who has disappeared, specially the critical first hours.

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