With the aim of promoting Digital Signage as a strategic media of communication, RENFE has chosen the DENEVA content management software to deliver messages, strategies, information, etc. to customers, remotely, planned and dynamic.

In this way, ICON Multimedia will implement its software in a total of 800 points, for a period of two years, in different stations in various geographical areas. The project includes the adaptation to the new content and metadata settings, the installation and configuration of the players, consultancy of the channel management to RENFE staff, and technical helpdesk services.

The platform will be distributed in different displays, including the network assigned to self-service machines, providing corporate information and integrating external data such as weather, news or other feeds.

ICON Multimedia is already preparing its presence at Innotrans, the world’s largest trade fair focused on rail transport, which will take place in Berlin (Germany) from September 20 to 23.

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