ICON Multimedia implements its digital signage platform (DENEVA) at Ibiza Port (Spain). With this innovative solution, the Balearic Port Authority provides passengers with a more comfortable experience when visiting the beautiful island of Ibiza.

DENEVA offers port station users up-to-date and visually appealing information about schedules, arrivals and departures of ships, as well as important travel-related notices. Through strategically located screens in different areas of the port, passengers can instantly be aware of any changes in ship schedules, enabling them to efficiently plan their journey and avoid unnecessary delays. Additionally, the system provides information about additional services such as car rentals, public transportation, and nearby points of interest, further facilitating tourists’ stay on the island.

In addition to informational aspects, DENEVA enables the possibility of offering promotional and advertising content, providing local businesses and other advertisers with the opportunity to effectively promote their products and services. This not only generates business opportunities but also enhances passengers’ overall experience by presenting them with relevant and engaging options during their visit to the island.

DENEVA technology is based on advanced management software that ensures the delivery of crisp and appealing content. Moreover, it enables centralized and remote management of the screens, making it easier to update and quickly adapt the information based on the changing needs of the port and passengers.

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