DENEVA PIDS on Tel Aviv’s Green Line Tram

ICON Multimedia has been awarded the contract to implement its DENEVA Passenger Information Display System (PIDS) on the Tel Aviv Metropolitan Tram’s Green Line, managed by the Metropolitan Mass Transit System Ltd (NTA). This project, carried out in collaboration with Alstom, will significantly enhance passenger experience through cutting-edge technological solutions.

The centralized communication solution will be integrated into various LED display formats placed on platforms, lobbies, and in videowall formats across the 62 stations of the Green Line, which will span 39 kilometers and connect various key areas of Tel Aviv. This will ensure that passengers receive clear and real-time information about tram schedules, service announcements, and other important communications. The line is expected to open in the first half of 2027.

One of the major challenges of this project is the integration of DENEVA with the subsystems of the Israeli Ministry of Transport (MOT), along with the centralized PA system. These integrations are crucial to ensure that the information provided to passengers is accurate, timely and secure. Additionally, they will contribute to the vision of a more connected city by improving connectivity between different modes of transport such as buses and trains. This will not only optimize travel times but also enhance urban mobility. Close collaboration between ICON Multimedia, Alstom, and the Israeli Ministry of Transport will be essential to overcome these challenges and deliver an integrated and efficient public transport system.

ICON Multimedia awarded at the Innovators awards by El Mundo

ICON Multimedia has been awarded the Iberaval Prize for Best ICT Project at the Innovators Awards presented by El Mundo de Castilla y León. With a 30-year trajectory dedicated to software manufacturing, ICON Multimedia has been recognized for its outstanding innovation in the sector.

The jury particularly highlighted Mirandda, the intelligent mirror developed by ICON Multimedia that has revolutionized the shopping experience in fitting rooms. This proprietary development combines advanced technology with an intuitive design to offer users a unique interaction and significantly enhance their shopping experience.

The award ceremony took place on June 12. This recognition underscores ICON Multimedia’s ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation in developing Digital Signage solutions that transform the industry and improve consumers’ lives.