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DENEVA, the Digital Signage system of ICON Multimedia focus on transportation industry, have been consolidated as a communication reference on Chile’s Santiago Metro. After the launch of line 6 at the end of 2017, President Sebastian Piñera has recently inaugurated line 3, which links Quilicura with La Reina in approximately 30 minutes.

The project, implemented together with SICE, includes 18 “smart stations”.  DENEVA platform enables to report in a useful and timely manner about possible operational indicents such as delays or interruptions in the movement of trains. In addition, they broadcast advertising and educational campaigns oriented to the more of 2.7 millions daily users of these metro lines. These messages take advantages of the huge visibilty and impact of this media to launch travel tips, safety recommendations or operational changes.

The Digital Signage circuit implemented includes on board displays and medium and large format displays located in crowded areas and in differents terminals. Also, interactive kiosks have been installed in the main stations that shows intermodal information. Travelers can used them for seach help in order to locate destinations or services of interest.

DENEVA team looks for add value through this solution, which it has established as a high-impact communication channel that looks after the travel experience of the passengers. This renewed information system not only entertains the users of the stations and subway lines, but it also reduces the perception of waiting. In addition, it sets up as the main media for the efficient management of the stations and Smart City. So that, It is able to broadcast any incident or emergency because it easily receives data from different information sources.

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