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DENEVA reinforces its portfolio of solutions with DENEVA.Catalog, a new way of presenting and segmenting Digital Signage content in real time, which aims to provide a better service to establishments in a face-to-face manner, as well as to help preserve health safety.

DENEVA.Catalog allows store personnel to launch content on demand through their mobile device, tablet, or the web desktop itself, to any screen in their store managed through DENEVA. In this way, a much more personalized attention is achieved by displaying the specific information required by each customer, getting a higher retention of the message and, therefore, a greater impact on face-to-face sales. In addition, it can also be used as a tool for tele-training or as a second screen at the consulting booth.

This new smart tech application from DENEVA progresses in the digitalization of the retail sector in favor of the connected and experiential store, where now the Digital Signage plays an important role by ensuring greater comfort and security of the purchasing process at the physical store, thus regaining the users’ trust.

In addition to the new DENEVA.Catalog product, DENEVA already has a wide range of solutions adapted to this new context, based on mirroring systems or the use of QR codes, which allow immediate access and management of content through the smartphone. Solutions adapted to corporate environments or the retail industry, where video conferencing solutions are also integrated. A clear transformation from Digital Signage to Digital Signage 2.0.

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