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Kolo, Strategic Partner of ICON Multimedia for LATAM, has installed in the Fontanar Mall Center, which is located in the Colombian town of Chía, a latest generation circular LED display. This custom-made display has 6.3 meters of diameter and weighs 1680 kilos, suspended more than 14 meters above the ground.

This installation uses Deneva as CMS, displaying contents in 4K resolution and with remote control of all the screens features.

Furthermore, at the Fontanar Mall Center, a Banner display has been installed. It is 14 meters long, 10 meters suspended above the ground, and 4K resolution, being controlled by Deneva as well.

The Fontanar Mall Center is located in the Colombian town of Chía, in the north of Bogotá, has an available area of 56.000 square meters, and 180 stores, as a result of an investment of more than 200 million dollars and it is called to be the flagship shopping and leisure Centre in Colombia.

With this project, the Kolo-ICON Multimedia team is becoming the referent for impressive display market in South America.

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