The Digital Signage trends for 2023

According to the latest reports prepared by the IAB, the digital signage sector forecasts a growth of 9.1% by 2023. Encouraging figures that consolidates the industry among the most leading worldwide, being a driver in terms of innovation in different verticals.

Consolidation of large formats and spectacular creatives

Until now, there were few spectacular creatives that we could see, and almost all of them were linked to DOOH. Thanks to the rise of large format screens, they have come to stay indoors as well. They are the great allies of retailers that offer immersive experiences at the point of sale, linked to modernity, innovation, differentiation and originality.
Where Digital Signage used to focus only on informative or purely advertising content, now the focus is on virality and interactivity, offering the WOW effect. Stores are no longer just a mere point of sale, but a space of different experiences, achieving a greater brand impact.

Development of Digital Signage in the Metaverse

Although it is still a concept with a long way to go, we are entering a world that offers many opportunities to explore, especially in the advertising exploitation of digital signage.

The big brands already have a presence in this virtual world, so the challenge is to move the advertising experiences we live in the physical universe, to bring the user experience to another level. Digital signage becomes more interactive than ever, and hyper-personalization is accentuated, increasing the ROI of campaigns.

AI is here to stay
The impact of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Signage is growing. Thanks to AI, digital signage makes it possible to offer much more personalized experiences. The amount of stored data makes it possible to launch messages or content that allow interacting with customers in an almost unique way. In this way, we can, for example, launch exclusive offers for each customer based on their purchase history.

But AI not only offers improved campaign targeting, and therefore increased ROI, but also optimized stock management. This, together with the inventory management system of each store, can incentivize the sale of those products with surplus stock in order to sell them through exclusive promotions.